Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little of this and a little of that...

Sorry about all the cruddy cell phone pictures,but that's all I felt like dealing with late last night.  Anyway, the vast majority of what you see here is handmade.  The only parts that are not handmade are the chains, maybe a few jump rings here or there and the earing wires.

This is a hand-wired black and gold necklace with the clasp also being handmade. ($18)

This is a hand-wired free form black and silver anklet. ($12)  (ask me about length and I can custom fit this to your ankle - it does have an extender chain on it)
Brown Feather with green and brown beadwork and hand wired bead cone.
Blue wire and bead earings.

Black feather with silver handmade bead cone, silver hand wired and beaded component.  $8
Black and gold three tiered chain with gold bead drop and black feathers.  
The ring is hand-wired and free form with gold wire and black bead.  ($10)

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